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Round Jig Head 3/8oz

Series 630. 3/8 oz Round jigs head. Blister pack. 5 pieces/Blister. Yellow painted.
Also available in different colors.

Our Price: $2.61
Marabou Teaser 1/16oz

MARABOU TEASER - 1/16oz - 3 Lures per pack

Our Price: $3.82

Series 561 "Cobra" Spoon
* 3"
* Comes with treble hook

This Spoon can be fished no problem at deeper depths without changing your line or rod. Fish it easily at a depth of 15-20 feet or cast and retrieve or even flip around docks and near brush piles.

The Cobra Spoon is the most versatile spoon on the market. No matter the style it just out out catches fish.
Featured in Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine.

Our Price: $8.79
Suissex Spinners Supreme Rainbow Trout

252 Series. �Suissex Spinners Suprem Rainbow Trout
Available in different sizes : #0 - #1 - #2 - #3 - #4

Our Price: $7.72
Etic 4" Swimbait 2PK

Etic 4" Soft body swimbait with live action tail - 5 colors - 1/2oz
Great for striper (Striped bass), largemouth, smallmouth and long with many other species.

Our Price: $5.50
La Majestik 3 1/2" UV Spoons with treble hook

Majestik 3 1/2" UV Spoons with treble hook . Avaliable in many colors.

Our Price: $7.96
3 Pcs Majestik Spoon kits

3 Pcs Majestik Spoon kits, Choose from one of the many Majestik UV Spoon kits or Holograph

Our Price: $22.99
Veltic No. 2

Series 250. Spinner Veltic size #2.�
Available in different colors.

Our Price: $7.67
Toronto Wobbler 3'' with treble

Series 502. Toronto Wobbler spoon 3'' with treble. Nickel/Copper plated. Blister pack.
Also available in different colors.

Our Price: $4.11

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La Majestik 4 1/2" UV Spoons
Our Price: $9.43
''Cobra'' Spoon 2½'' with treble hook
Our Price: $5.99

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